Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hello Bloggers!

The name is Sydney Kuspa. Yes, my first name is conveniently spelled the same as the beloved city in Australia. I am a Public Relations major at the University of Wisconsin- Whitewater, and extremely proud to say that I only have a few daunting classes left before I get to emerge myself into the “big girl world”. I aspire to work as an event and entertainment coordinator with a major company that I think a few of you may have heard of, the home of Mickey Mouse, the Disney Company.

Why am I choosing to blog?
After long deliberation- I have decided that blogging is not only a necessity in today's culture that is captivating social media but also because I was never able to keep a diary and maybe because this is in the land of Facebook and Twitter, my attention span of a nat will possibly grow.

What am I all about?
Well. I have hated
eggs practically all my life.. I despise the little suckers with a passion but in the past year I have found that omelets are a delightful way to start off the day- with a heavy dose of cheese, bacon, green peppers, tomatoes, and mushrooms. I am also a exercise fanatic, but let’s set the record straight- I am not too keen on running. I prefer taking a jog here or there or even taking an hour stress relieving session on the elliptical, but the word “run” rarely even enters leaves my mouth. I believe in Karma more than anything in this world. The saying of “goes around comes around” has definitely went around me a time or two.

Although you only know about what I like in my omelet, my lack of running, and my firm belief in karma- I would have to say there is way more to my life that I must share. But in order for you to tap into my creative juices and understand my sarcasm, you have to be UNLIKE me. You have to have more than an attention span of a nat- so stay tuned.


  1. Sydney Kuspa -
    I admire your enthusiasm and humor in your blog. I too share the same hatred for running as you do, but low and behold I ran cross country and track in high school. However, there is no way in hell you would get me to run a race again. Just the mere thought of it makes my gag reflexes cringe.
    Anyways, I really enjoyed reading & am I looking forward to knowing more about you. (:

  2. Sydney-
    I love this introduction blog because it really shows who you are. And I think that is very important because people like to see that people are similar to them, and can relate. You know how to be professional, yet fun and I think that’s awesome! Good luck with your career, it seems like it fits you very well!

  3. Girlfriend, I love that you have in here about your personal life, and that you hate eggs... Which is very odd since you always bring breakfast to class which usually is something with eggs. Anyways, this first post really shows YOU as a person, which is awesome. So you should be proud of your skills, and I really hope I can read more of your blogs and hopefully learn from you (Since my writing skills need to improve)