Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Big Girl World

Well folk, I've officially have gotten over the "What am I going to do with myself after college?" faze and have entered into the realm of "I can not wait to get my butt out of here and get a Big Girl job"...almost.

Last night I attended BMA- Milwaukee's event called Lightening Round Speed Interviewing which was held at Manpower Headquarters in Milwaukee (picture of the headquarters shown above). While at the event I was able to connect with many different professionals, listen in on an great informative seminar presented by Fullhouse, and even had the chance to take part in speed interviewing and resume building sessions.
When at the Fullhouse presentation, @Apiwarun, @haleylandsman, and @stratocasting gave helpful tips on how young professionals or aspiring college students should network by using social media. Of course we have worked with social media in the classroom and even had assignments utilizing social media, but until you hear that you can actually get a job because you send a direct message to the right person at the right time on Twitter- you don't realize the impact social media is having on today's society.
Now when you think of speed interviewing, think of speed dating on steroids. Picture 30+ professionals sitting at individual tables waiting for the next Marketing and PR Wanna Be's to sit down in front of them. Although intimidating at first, after the first handshake I felt right at home. I learned through the speed interviewing that it is best to just stay confident in who you are, prove you deserve to be where you are today because of your experience, maintain a positive attitude, keep smiling, and everything else will fall into place. Sure there may be someone that will criticize how you said something, or possibly give you in site on how to better approach an answer - but in the end isn't that what the event is all about?
Not only do I feel that by going to this BMA event I was able to leave with some great connections, I also feel that by going to this event I am even more confident that I can make it out there in the "real world". I am ready to take the world by storm, one interview at a time.


  1. Hey Sydney, I totally agree with you, this event was extremely helpful. It as gave me a total boost of confidence for all of the interviews i will be going through post graduation.

  2. What did you decide you are going to do after college? Did somethign specific come to mind after this event?
    I found the interviewing very helpful as well; great feedback from everyone made it easy to stay confident through all your interviews. You have a great perspective on the mental level to be on when going into an interview which will take you far!