Monday, March 14, 2011

LinkedIn Guru; Katie Felten

From tweaking your search-ability to connecting with professionals, LinkedIn guru Katie Felten knows it all. On March 1st, Katie Felten stopped into my PR Tactics II class and gave us some helpful tips on how to stand out in a crowd, use LinkedIn to our professional advantage, and told real life stories on how her LinkedIn,, has positively impacted her company.

She first explained all the different ways we are able to transform LinkedIn from a simple template and throw some personal twist into it. An example of this is when one has a website that is linked to their LinkedIn. Instead of having the bland "my website" she showed us how we are able to personalize this section and instead have our website link say "Sydney's Website" or "check out my website". Another little twist of personalization that she showed our class was with the searchable words in our headliner. By putting words that we are able to be searched by, Katie explained that we are more likely to be found on LinkedIn and therefore the greater possibility of getting recruited for a job.

Katie told my class a time where just being a part of different groups on LinkedIn has landed her very important clients. She said that by connecting with organizations or individuals on a personal level because of their interests is a great way to get to know the "real" person behind the LinkedIn and ultimately creating a personal and professional bridge.

As a promoter and strategist for MKELIVE365, Katie is very well known PR professional in the Greater Milwaukee Area. She extended her knowledge of not only LinkedIn and how it can professionally advance an individual, but just in the short amount of listening to Katie I was able to establish that she has a passion for not only social media but for her job as a whole. Since listening to Katie in my classroom, I have started following her on her twitter and find most her tweets to be quite interesting, entertaining, and informative. Because of her love and drive that she has for the PR field, Katie has inspired me to reach for the stars and start networking with the big wigs- one connection at a time!


  1. I never thought about personalizing my LinkedIn account. Every time I think of LinkedIn, I just think of professional and basic. I never think to add anything to make it more personalized. After reading your blog, and learning how important joining groups in LinkedIn are, I am going to research PR groups! I believe PRSSA has a group and Big Shoes Network. If I join these groups I will have to read more into them, especially if it can help out in my future.

  2. Sounds like your PR class got some great advice on LinkedIn and networking with professionals. I'm currently not part of any groups on LinkedIn, but after reading this post I'm most definitely going to start.

  3. Great job, Ms.Felten sounds like she knew her stuff when it came to linkedin. I am new to linkedin so I wish I would have been able to listen to her speak about the many ways to take advantage of linkedin.