Monday, May 3, 2010


So when starting a blog, where does one start expressing their beliefs and showing their blog talents- well why not start with a place I know best. Wisconsin.

Home of the cows, cheese curds, and pale skin. Its where I have grown up all my life, minus my blip of living in Florida- which is a whole new blog in and of itself. Wisconsin is known for its funny accent, the "dairyland" lifestyle, and the obnoxiously cold winters. Although Wisconsin does have its moments of failure- it has even more note worthy destination points.

So if you are ever in the Wisconsin area, or feel like taking a roadtrip around good ol' country land, these are a few places that I recommend:

1. Wisconsin Dells- Haven't heard of it? Its is home of Paul Bunyan breakfasts, the largest waterpark in American, a lake that once was empty two years ago, and home of the "ducks"- just to name a few attractions.

2. Summerfest- The Worlds Largest Music Festival. Full of beer, awesome food, and concerts for all diffrent genre likings. Below are a few pictures of what you can expect of Summerfest.

Phil Vasser comes every year to Summerfest, and always impresses Becca ( josh's gf)/josh/and myself waiting for a concert

3. Miller Park- Because even though the Brewers may have a rough time, the tailgaters don't even care by the time they enter the statium.

( my friend josh and I before the game started) What Miller Park is all about :)
4. Harley Davidson Museum- if you are a nut for Harley's, then this is the place for you.

5. Culvers- Home of the most amazing cheese curds and Butterburgers. When in doubt- go to culvers, it is always a good choice.

6. Wisconsin State Fair- A place where you can find a fried ANYTHING on a stick. Even fried mac and cheese on a stick. Where the beer is flowing, and the weather isnt 100 degrees in August like many other states.

7. Any County Fair- There are many of them in the summer, perhaps even a few every weekend. It seems as though, when the winter worries go away, the summer fun comes out to play. We tend to stay in for the winter, therefore we have some catching up in the summer- why not do so with a little fun county fair action.

8. State Street- Located in Madison, Wisconsin. Known for its #1 Party School, Madison hostes some epic parties not only during the beloved Badger games, but even on a typical Saturday night.

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  1. My favorite at Wisconsin state fair- Chocolate bacon on a stick.